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Welcome to my cozy space

hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome, it's my little house, my little fun cozy place.

i will probably post about things i like, things i've watched / read / played recently,
and plenty of other things. i don't know if i'll post art here, i'll see.

I just want a more decentralized net and be free on my own little website. I guess it's my little way to protest against everything that's been happening recently about the web2.0 / web3 (this message is written on the 11/11/2021)

have a nice day !!!!!!

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Articles about the Internet that I like and are important

Dfsshine : The Modern Web
Sadgrl Online : Web 3.0 & the Future of the Internet
The Internet has changed - Manifesto (plenty of useful links)
Contradiction : Manifesto
InvisibleUp : Web3 is not decentralization
Yesterweb : Say no to web3

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