here you will find infos about my favorite character from homestuck : JADE HARLEY ! you will not change my mind on the fact that she is one of the most dedicated and lovely character from the webcomic, i relate to her A LOT and need to put it somewhere so people can see how great she is !!!!!

warning : epilepsy for some flashes in gifs
images will be credited if i find the og owners !


  • jade is nonbinary !
  • she is panromantic
  • she became good friend with dirk and mantained a very good friendship with dave
  • i kinda ship her with aradia or nepeta

    things i love about jade

    • her writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • her power!!
    • her sleepy but caring personality!!
    • her imagery towards space, canines, science, etc
    • her color!!
    • how she tries to maintain relationships and make sure her friends are okay
    • that she gets angry sometimes!!!
    • her dog!!
    • her story!