1. The Witch's House

You are Viola, a young girl who enters a creepy house around a lot of bushes of red roses... Once Viola enters the house, she can't go back. She will have to face scary encounters, mysterious invisible figures haunting this house, a talkative black cat, and the infamous witch which is probably still in there...

Game experience

The Witch's House is *really* scary, way more than you might think when you see screenshots. The jumpscares are pretty efficient and are cohesive to the storyline. You will die. A *lot*. The game guides you through simple enigmas at the beginning to show you the mechanics, then it quickly increases. Some puzzles can be difficult! (I'm thinking about that puzzle with the skulls, which took me a lot of time to understand... But I'm not very good at puzzles heh). The Witch's House seems mostly known for its interesting ending, involving a plot twist !


2. Inscryption

Inscryption is mysterious card game where you choose between creatures with different health and powers to beat a creepy encounter.
This game is VERY DIFFICULT FOR ME...I can't even go past the first phase help..... While I'm writing this I'm still trying to finish the game but I think I might give up one day... Besides my bitterness about this game I think it deserves an award, the sound design and atmosphere created through VFX are really what makes the entire game. You can feel the air's heavy while fighting that invisible creature in front of you.


3. PS1 Serial Experiments Lain Game

What the... What. I. I didn't understand. But maybe I will another day.